Public Art Management

I have completed close to 40 significant public art commissions within the Government and corporate sectors, which demonstrate my capacity to design, engineer, fabricate and install large-scale integrated sculptural projects.

My involvement within the realm of public art has expanded into all facets of the arts and construction industry, requiring a high degree of collaboration and consultation with Local, State and National Government, planning authorities, architects, landscape architects, engineers, design committees and funding bodies. I have learnt how to perform to standards and deadlines under pressure whilst continuing to meet high standards and have an excellent track record in completing contractual obligations.

I also have all the necessary insurances in place for this type of work and extensive experience in dealing with public liability issues encompassing design parameters, constraints and considerations. Rather than compromise I find these requirements to be a creative problem solving challenge, thinking laterally through the engineering and structural parameters prior to resolution, documentation and certification. I am also accustomed to producing maintenance manuals and documentation at project completion.

My building and construction background has facilitated my knowledge and experience across a diverse range of industrial materials and processes. Whether fabricating in-house or outsourcing elements to industry I am intimately engaged in the process and the realisation of the creative outcome. Scale does not daunt me and I have developed various construction techniques and ways of fabricating structures that do not compromise the strength, engineering or sculptural integrity. My experience working in the public domain has also honed my knowledge and understanding of durable/low maintenance materials, resistance to vandalism and the integration of safe design.