Mabo Memorial Sculpture

Pioneer Walk, Townsville QLD
2.4m cast bronze Warrup drum and stand; large carved granite tor; water motif pebble mosaic 5m x 3m oval with bluestone banding sets and sandblasted text.
In consultation with Gail Mabo
Commissioned by the Townsville City Council

Commissioned by Townsville City Council to commemorate Edward Koiki Mabo and the Mabo Decision, the Mabo Memorial Sculpture is part of Townsville City Council's Pioneers Walk.

Features include a pebble mosaic symbolic of the ancestral Octopus that brought the laws of tradition (Malo) to the people of Torres Strait Islands, 10 of these laws written in the language of Miriam Mer are etched into bluestone banding; an enlarged playable bronze replica of a Warup drum carved by Eddie Mabo, this drum represents the strength and continuum of Eddie's voice – resonating the connection between the past, present and future; a large natural granite boulder positioned at the centre of the mosaic pattern,  carved into this boulder is a large fingerprint symbolising the physical, spiritual and cultural connection between indigenous people and the land.